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Field visit Intelligent Green Building and Ecological Campus
School construction and urban planning with the Department of green building and eco-city on special courses, hoping to travel by school, students for today's domestic intelligence building and green building have a better understanding, and by experience, the establishment of active learning and a basic ability to understand the practical execution, creating more value on the Teaching learning yuan, so a large arrangement of courses and special eco-city China Trust financial Park, living3.0, Taipei University of Technology in collaboration campus teaching and observation.
Visit this activity is divided into three sites, the first site for the China Finance Trust parks, environmental commentary by the Huanyi Engineering Consultants Ltd. Pan as host, is currently Taiwan's office in the financial industry in the largest base of the park diamond green office buildings as well as domestic carbon reduction wisdom of the best examples of green building park. Park in triple time tunnel near the park and the WTO is former university professor Kuo Cheng Meng landscape cooperate planted nearly 120 kinds of native ferns Taiwan, in addition to also give different vegetation according to the changing seasons and base conditions, and through enterprise adoption the way the park, improving the overall environment, the creation and preservation of biodiversity base a large number of Taiwan's native species of plants, giving added value to the base of ecological education through entertainment.
Living3.0 construction site for the two centers, the Ministry of Interior Building Research Institute through high-tech related industries in the construction industry combined import living space, such as on the construction and the creation of active sensing systems meet users' needs for building space, is an enhanced use demonstrations Centre wisdom of living, and to promote access to safe, healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and sustainable working and living environment. The park will also be introduced into the high-tech building materials to construction-based Tesco, the house provided intelligence system and the laying of environmentally friendly building materials, demonstration of a rapid, sustainable and wisdom of the future living space.
The third site for the Taipei University of Technology, commentary carried by the Yang Shi Hong, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, is currently the most representative of the campus green building eco-campus, plant green green walls, green roofs, Liugongjun reconstruction, removal of walls and other practices mode, increase biodiversity and create a dialogue with the people and the interaction between people and space.
Through this visit activities to enable students and practitioners operating mode and in a series of interaction and discussion to give students visit for green building with new thinking and ideas, so that in the future for green buildings, smart buildings, community ecology, intelligence communities can have more planning-oriented thinking, and promote the integration of students in the green building and planning for the ability to enhance the ecological level, drawing on the expertise and practical operation.
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