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Department of Architecture, Building Camp Freshmen
The department organized "nascent architectural experience work camp" activities on Wednesday, May 18, 2016, so that new teachers and seniors sister under the leadership of the substance were involved in the early experience of building and planning. Day, also coincides with the opening of the exhibition of achievements in graduate school, and the school system graduating class diagram Overall, therefore, came to participate in day camp experience for students, in addition to implementation than, better outcomes visiting graduate school faculties, while but personally important to watch the drama department commentary FIG.
After ten o'clock before freshmen report is completed, then a predetermined topic "campus space experience" with the participation of students must be blindfolded by the percent of seniors in one way, carefully led walk in the campus of the indoor outdoor space, only hearing, smell, touch and feel and other people and things around, the whole trip complete process control in 30 minutes, then each student must follow the true feelings of thirty minutes of this, to try to express the pattern or model . Seniors percent in packets, led from newborn to think how to make hair, and then to each batch departure during school graduate comment FIG space and visit the exhibition of achievements. About four in the afternoon after the comments, and then awarded the first prize in three and two works, in addition to winning awards prizes, all participants by key hereby granted a certificate to prove.
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