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Department of Architecture Master Class visit to Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Department of Architecture and urban planning graduate student, visiting Hsinchu Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, the first share and briefing notes through the park development process film, a preliminary understanding of the park development, after visiting the park each hall of the building, through the live commentary to promote the department Graduate for knowledge-intensive industries, technological development and urban and spatial planning details to master.
Department of Architecture and urban planning graduate student visiting the Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan yuan, full English industrial development in the course of presentation management service center indoor briefing, a preliminary understanding of Tai Yuen Textile transition to the development of science and technology parks, research and development through the introduction of value Park and other related issues were discussed at 5/12 false Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan dollars were visiting with each of the Hall, and the university of architecture and urban planning students are involved in the Department of benefit.
The visit by two stages, the first stage in the Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan yuan full English briefing briefing notes Tai Yuen Textile Science and Technology Park establishment and transformation of the reason, the park planning and park and public facilities created value, etc., around the plant have national Center for High-Performance computing, nanodevices laboratory, space Center, chip systems design Centre, to assist the development of the Hsinchu Science Park high-tech industry through innovative technology, and with the image of the video description units yuan Science and technology the park mostly research and innovation value through easy to understand way for us to quickly understand the relationship between planning and innovation output in the Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in the construction of public facilities between.
The second phase of the visit through a luxury business center, high-tech theme places exhibition center, with business, conference, exhibition features multimedia presentations for business, education, food, leisure, health space, and planning a leisure and fitness center space product launch, etc., in a multi-functional hall will service function. Two sports hall: the concept of nature throughout the overall design, as if people in the fresh space Yoho atmosphere, extensive facilities provide a safe place for people to exercise in addition to physical fitness, but also is able to soothe the body and mind after the park gardens. Three Cultural Exhibition Hall: novelty, imposing cultural exhibition hall, both innovative and practical features, to follow the activities relating to the changing needs of space use, provide arts performances, product launches, business meetings, banquets and other full-function networking services . Five Malibu Fitness Center: Service functions include four standard course management service centers, sports and fitness center, classrooms and a large aerobic composite indoor badminton court, not only for organizing various sports activities, provide better loan accommodate thousands use a large party.
Nowadays many booming ICT, optoelectronics, semiconductor and IC design and other knowledge-intensive industries in the world brought a high efficiency, it also brings unlimited growth. Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in the past will feel stiff plant Office space transformed into a comfortable and pleasant environment, through appropriate planning and design, so that the original need for more well-established body of the diversified use of space, multi-diastolic pressure and a comfortable working environment through Eli create more value, by this visit and a detailed explanation of the process and so on, we are in favor of a more in-depth understanding of the planning and development of high-tech industry living space.
Visit by the process of interaction and discussion Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park explanation personnel and graduate students, giving students visit different planning thinking, ideas, direction and planning techniques through space and rural development which inspire future knowledge-intensive industries, thereby promoting the city enhance the overall planning level, so that all participants benefit.
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