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Architecture Projects Courses Work Visit

Architectural plan curriculum Mercure Chunan City construction company to build the case teaching practice visit. The company's roots in the surrounding area Chunan, Miaoli Sports Park, unique vision with regional urban planning development pace, made the long series of planned development housing environment, the best practice is centered curriculum materials Collection. Friends Xu Zhenxun plus superb manager and pragmatic witty presentation by the company in charge of the overall school development and construction of the graduation system that allows students to quickly grasp in a short time to purchase land from the scale, market research analysis, product planning and positioning design, materials, equipment, labor law choose to pay estate management presence and a series of construction and planning of core business processes. Process, yet provides new cases of the development of the design portfolio and experience the solid model and model homes, as well as new and existing homes have been stationed in a visit and explain the use of each construction was finished, so that the students can actually and truly feel the building program has the function of the substance, and its role and gained a lot!


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