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Symbiosis and Bionic - chicken house design Creative Industry Cooperation
The Department of architectural design courses, combined with industry-university cooperation with Taiwan quality agriculture "symbiotic" use "bionic" design concept of creative chicken operating room design and solid construction, in order to "learn by doing" concept design class moved outdoors class, 4/30, the same day the new Pinghsi Coal Museum Exhibition held in the park.
Select the new base Pinghsi Coal Mining Museum Park of New Taipei City Pingxi District. In an off-campus teaching activities, the Department of Architecture Caiyi Ying teachers lead students in extracurricular Pinghsi study, we found that the local chicken farmers with chickens stocking habits, this hair like a fascinating subject; the "creative house" as a this year a total of 90 first-year student of design issues, expect students can use biomimicry (bionics design) concept of learning from the biological characteristics of environmental resources observation of nature, the relevance of training to understand patterns of function and imaginative, structural and shape conversion, and feeding chicken farmers raise chickens may symbiotic creative space, and achieve the ideal of symbiotic nature.
April 30 opening of the exhibition will be the last day of the selection contest, we will also invite along a very small country and students to participate in on-site audience vote to elect the top three best student works to be commended, and held other fun activities let students out of the classroom, into the reality of teaching, guide students into the community environment, learning and local residents, visiting people and elementary school students aesthetic interaction, close-up experience of community people, culture, land, production, scene, try to within the rural rich cultural and natural ecological knowledge to stimulate students' creativity, culture diversity of aesthetic creativity and design thinking, left a deep memory for the first-year university students architectural design learning journey.
Curator Time: 4 / 21-4 / 29 to build a real house scene
 4/30 (10: 00-17: 00) site selection contest, popular participation
 4 / 30-7 / 31 freedom to visit
Location: New Pinghsi Coal Mining Museum Park Pingxi District police station is 50 meters west of the open space
 Very Pingxi District Elementary School
Sponsor: Department of the Chinese University of Architecture and urban planning, new Pinghsi Coal Mining Museum
Sponsor: New Taipei City Pingxi District Office, out of New Taipei City Pingxi District Elementary School
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