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Creative Industry Cooperation to build the chicken house
The Department freshman architectural design courses that students effective communication, teamwork, active learning basic skills and executive design. We hope to create in the course of teaching the value of learning more dollars to "learn by doing" concept design class moved outdoors in class, combined with solid ideas to build teaching and university-industry cooperation Taiwan exquisite agriculture. With the feasibility of strengthening students' creative sense of learning to participate, not just legalistic paperwork, as well as traditional assessment chart, teaching mode change graph.
Select the new base Pinghsi Coal Mining Museum Park of New Taipei City Pingxi District. In an off-campus teaching activities, Caiyi Ying school teachers lead students in the Department of Architecture Pinghsi extracurricular study, we found that the local chicken farmers with chickens stocking habits, this hair like a fascinating subject; the "creative house "as a first-year student of the year, a total of 90 design issues, expect students can use biomimicry (bionics design) concept of learning from the biological characteristics of environmental resources observation of nature, the relevance of training to understand patterns of function and imaginative, be structure and form conversion, and feeding chicken farmers raise chickens may symbiotic creative space, reach and nature of ideal symbiotic.
This teaching plan from planning, graphic design, assessment maps, etc. production took about two months by the Department of nine special part-time instructor 90 students to design 90 works. After internal assessment FIG April 14 by the Department of the teacher, chicken experts, new Pinghsi Mine Museum, New Taipei City Pingxi District, New Taipei City Pingxi District mayor and the country is very small principal heated discussion with the selection, pick out 10 creative coop, will be between April 21 to 29 at the date of the new park Pinghsi Coal Mining Museum bases (a) site with a local carpenter to build were real, so students will design their own in one to one scale settings in the park environment. In applying for the course, the students in addition to their spirit of teamwork, but also learn practical problem solving environmental base, try to model entities overlapping construction method, as well as looking to make the model, drawings can withstand natural climate destruction methods.
Was chosen 10 students and works are:   Albert Shoulette -BIONIC, Wang Xuan Hung - reincarnation, Xu Zhiwen - watch, Shao were - a small box, Chen Pengyu - pangolin, Qiubo Chen - polyethylene, Liu Yu Ling - Loving the mountain, Liu Yi Ru - building nest, Shi Xiaoyi - inverted triangle, Yan Weihao - Yu homes.
The future should be more encouraged students to participate in activities related to the implementation, can be more to what they have learned to play on the practice, but also to have more experience in hand-made. Let students out of the classroom, into the reality of teaching, guide students into the community environment, learning and local residents, visiting people and elementary school students aesthetic interaction, close-up experience of community people, culture, land, production, scene, try to rural within the rich cultural and natural ecological knowledge to stimulate students' creativity, culture diversity of aesthetic thinking and design creativity.
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