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Architecture design

Designing type courses

    This type of course emphasize on both architecture history and technique.

Architecture history type course

    This type of course includes the architecture’s history, description, urban planning and

    designing developing history, and the relation with other skills.

Technique type course

    This type of course includes architecture structure, engineering methods, measurement,

    environment control, and administration. It takes strong ability of math and physic

    knowledge. Therefore, physics and calculus are required courses in the first year.

Other supportive type course

    All types of supportive courses related to architecture study.

Urban Environment Planning and Management

Basic guiding education(1st and 2nd year

    ”E-era architecture education” long-term is the basic course in students’ first year;

    from second year on, the basic training of environment planning will be strengthened.

Profession cultivating education(3rd and 4th year

    The main teaching points are cultivation of professional planning ability, application of

    digital tools, and practice of information administration. The students will be trained for

    the purpose of dealing with information age. The practice training of the third year

    include district project, combined development plan, map-out and modification of

    urban project. Since the fourth year, evaluation, analysis, prediction ability, urban design,

    graphic information system application training will be the main courses.

    In addition, through the college basic education training, students can choose to take

    related courses of minor department to stimulate the potential of being urban planning

    technician, architect, structure technician, or view-building technician in the future.

Practice of Planning Group

    Practice course makes students both nervous and fulfilling. Through teamwork,

    discussion, information collecting, reports preparing, graphics drawing, and presentation

    behind the podium, an introverted layman can also become an independent planner.

    This is certainly an interesting course worthy of your while and challenge!

Architectural Technology

    The Building Technology group, in addition to the fundamental architectural training, 

    focuses on the scopes of Green Building , Ecology Architecture , Disaster Prevention and 

    intelligent Building Construction.

  1、In response to market demand of qualified personnel and in conform to the trend of

        the times, the Building Technology Group was established to help the student acquire

        individual capabilities necessary for the professional practice of architectural discipline.

        In addition fundamental architectural design ability, the program focuses on the topics

       of Green Building, Ecology Architecture, Disaster Prevention and Intelligent Building


  2、 As an integral part of the fundamental architectural training, the teaching scopes 

         emphasize on the physical context of the building environment; including building 

         control system, advance material research development, building disaster safety 

         prevention and intelligent space design.

  3、 Combining Building Information Modeling (BIM) laboratory and building software 

         training, the program aim to provide students with opportunities to become well 

         acquainted with a wide range of practical experience to understand architecture as 

        creative, practical, innovative and responsible practice.